McAfee List of Most Dangerous Celebrity 2019: Dhoni On The Top Spot

MS Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s popularity knows no bounds. Be it achieving new milestones in cricket or setting new trends in life, Captain Cool is always in the headlines!

However, it seems like Dhoni’s immense popularity may have also fetched him some unwanted attention.

The celebrated cricketer has been given the top spot on the 13th edition of McAfee Most Dangerous Celebrity list.

The research identifies famous personalities generating the most unsafe search results that may lead their fans to malicious websites.

Cyber criminals are using Dhoni’s fame to lure unsuspecting users and lead them to unsafe websites. These malicious sites may put your devices at risk and instal malware to gain access to your passwords or personal information.

India is a demographically young nation where a large percentage of the population spends extensive hours online, often looking for free content (images, TV shows, movies, videos etc). Lack of awareness causes these users to fall prey to cyber criminals.

In order to stop cyber criminals from thriving, it is crucial that the users are aware of the risks associated with using unsafe websites for free content.

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