Indian Hockey Team Donates $25,000 To Help Those Affected By The Devastating Australian Bushfires

The Australian bushfires have led to largescale destruction, gravely affecting humans and wildlife. Amidst the catastrophe, we kept hearing stories of extraordinary people who went out of their way to help those in need. Celebrities, as well as common people all over the world, have come forward to help the victims.

When it comes to helping those in need, India is always a step ahead! In a heartwarming gesture, the Indian Hockey team did their bit to help Australia recover by donating $25,000 to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal.

Moreover, they presented Hockey Australia with 2 playing shirts that have been signed by the Indian Hockey team (men and women). These shirts will be auctioned to collect funds for the good cause.

While speaking to the media, Mushtaque Ahmad, the Hockey India Chief said that the team was willing to do their bit to help in the recovery of the regions affected by bushfires.

“Hockey India and the hockey community in India has been overwhelmed by the devastating fires in Australia. With this small contribution on behalf of Hockey India and the Indian hockey community we want to offer our heartfelt support to the cause and to Hockey Australia’s initiative,” he said.

The Hockey Australia Board has expressed their gratitude towards this kind gesture.

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