286 Runs Off One Ball, In International Cricket, Believe It Or Not, It’s True.

Forget about Travis Birt’s 20 runs in one ball and Virender Sehwag’s 17 runs in one ball. Here is the World Record of most runs being scored off a single ball. It was the days when the batsmen can take more than four runs by running between the wickets.

It was Western Australia playing against Victoria in an Australian First Class match way back in 1893/94. The first ball of the match was lofted and got stuck in between the branches of a jarrah tree which was present inside the field of play. The ball was completely out of reach and so the home side appealed for “lost ball”. But the umpires disagreed as the ball was visible and everybody could see the exact place where the ball got struck. The batsmen kept on running between the wickets while the home side found an axe to cut down the tree but didn’t succeed. So, instead of an axe, the home team brought out a shotgun and tried to blast the ball from the tree. After several attempts, the ball was finally dislodged from the branches and fell onto the outfield. None of the fielders bothered to catch the ball. By the time the ball reached the wicketkeeper, the batsmen ran 286 times between the wickets and claimed the 286 runs they had accumulated. The touring side then declared their innings which is also considered as the shortest innings of the history of the game. 

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