Women Gets A Gold Medal For Giving Birth To Seven Children

Woman With Her Family

Governments of many countries provide financial support to citizens on having more children, but Kazakhstan is far ahead of such countries. Large families are being encouraged in Kazakhstan. The government here wants more children in their families. Therefore, mothers who contribute to increase the birth rate of this country are given the medal of ‘Hero Mothers’. The mother is given a silver medal for having six children in such a family. A mother who produces seven or more children is awarded a gold medal. Mothers receiving medals also get one month’s full expenditure from the government.

Roshan Kozomkulova, who lives in Kazakhstan, has become the mother of 10 children. She has both silver and gold medals. Kozomkulova is proud of these achievements. There are eight girls and two boys in their house. All children enjoy the sumptuous meal together at the dinner table. Kozomkulova shows off her medal badge by a T-shirt. After getting the gold medal, she has become entitled to government allowance throughout her life.

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