Twitter SMS Service Has Been Disabled In Most Countries. Here’s Why!

Microblogging giant Twitter has announced that it will disable its text message service everywhere, except in select few countries. The reason behind this decision was the vulnerabilities related to the SMS format.

In a recent post, it was confirmed by Twitter that the decision to discontinue its SMS service was taken to keep the accounts of its users safe.

In a message, the company said: “We have seen vulnerabilities with SMS, so we have turned off Twitter via SMS service.”  It also noted that the users will keep receiving important account-related messages (like 2FA codes)  as texts.

How will this affect your Twitter experience?

This new development will not affect your user experience on Twitter if you access the platform via its website or mobile app.

However, if you still receive tweets from other users through text, you will have to start using the website or the app since the SMS service will end.

Tweet via SMS had already been disabled

Before this, Twitter had discontinued the option of tweeting via SMS owing to security issues and the hacking of CEO Jack Dorsey’s account.

Back in September, hackers had gained access to Dorsey’s phone number and had used it to send out hateful tweets via the (now-defunct) SMS-tweeting option.

Twitter was used via SMS only

Originally, the platform was built to be used around SMS. The new advancement marks the end of an era.

In its early days, Twitter’s 140-character tweets were sent and received by users only via text messages. With time the service evolved and the website and the mobile app became the primary way to use the platform.

This is a radical move

Nothing has been said by Twitter about the countries where receiving tweets via SMS will not be discontinued or the vulnerabilities associated with this feature.

However, discontinuing the text service and directing the users towards the website/mobile app where they could see ads makes sense because this will help boost the company’s revenue.

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