Twins Who Aced JEE Mains To Appear For The Exam Once Again. Here Is Why!

While most students are usually cribbing about how difficult it is to study and prepare for exams, there are a few exceptional cases where students say they actually love studying. They don’t just mug up their lessons to ace an exam. They look forward to learning new things.

Twins brothers Pranav and Nishant Aggarwal, are two shining examples of students who love to study.

The dynamic duo has topped the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main. While Nishant scored 100 percentile, Pranav was not far behind with 99.3 percentile.

The 17-year-old brothers dedicated 10 to 12 hours for preparation every day. They worked as a team and supported and motivated each other.

Even though the twins put in almost the same amount of effort, Nishant managed to score a little more than his brother. Now Pranav plans to appear for the April session.

Talking to ‘The Indian Express’, Pranav said “My brother is amongst the highest scorers has motivated me. I am happy for him but will appear for the test again and try to improve my rank.”

Surprisingly, Nishant will also be appearing for the upcoming session. Why? Because he loves taking tests!

The brothers have consistently been great at academics and hope to study at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology. Pranav’s field of choice is Computer Science while Nishant is yet to make up his mind.

Pranav and Nishant make sure to maintain a balance between work and play. They take breaks between study sessions. Pranav loves music while Nishant loves to play badminton and solve puzzles.

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