This Man Claimed That His Deadly FART ‘Could Kill Mosquitoes’…

For humans, what is the deadliest animal? Snakes, sharks, big cats? Nah. Everyone is afraid of these deadly mosquitoes! But we do not have to look far and wide for a solution. Because magic is in this man’s Fart.

‘Joe Ravamiram’ of Kampala, Uganda, claims that his Fart can kill mosquitoes up to six meters away and has been hired by a manufacturing company to help him develop a new repellent. The reason for killing mosquitoes still remains unclear, however, he claims that his Fart is as common as anyone else.

Speaking to, he said, “I eat simple food like everyone else, but no insect can set foot on me, not even a fly. Out of me

Smells like a normal man and I bathe daily and my Farts are like everyone else. They are only dangerous for small insects, especially mosquitoes.”

His skill is well known in ‘Kampala’. Speaking to ‘The Sun’, one person said:

 “He is known throughout the city as the man who can kill mosquitoes with his Fart. When he is around us, we all know that mosquitoes will disappear.”

“He respects those around him and Farts only when there are mosquitoes around him that bring malaria. His Fart can get rid of this disease”, he added.

The man did not want to reveal the name of the repellent manufacturing company, but he claimed that they are paying him millions to create the new repellent. 

Secret Santa gift, anyone? Hahaha !!

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