This Elderly Couple In Kerala Beat The Deadly Coronavirus. Here Is How!

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the recovery of an elderly couple from the deadly disease is a ray of hope for people. Thomas Abraham (93) and his wife Mariyamma (88) were both suffering from the coronavirus disease.

The elderly couple’s son and his family ( wife and a son) had returned from Italy last month. Thomas and Mariyamma had contracted the deadly disease from them.

The three others have also recovered from COVID-19 now.

As we know, COVID-19 is particularly severe for the elderly. Hence, the elderly couple’s remarkable recovery made headlines.

Here is how Thomas and Mariyamma managed to win this battle against the coronavirus disease.

A healthy lifestyle

While speaking to PTI, Rijo Moncy (the couple’s grandson) told that the secret to the couple’s recovery is their healthy lifestyle.

Rijo further informed that his grandfather does not drink alcohol, is a non-smoker and had a fit body even though he is not into gumming.

He said that while Thomas loves to eat ‘Pazhankanji (a dish made from rice, jackfruit, tapioca, and gruel), Mariyamm’s favorite food is fish.

Thomas continued eating his favorite food even when he was in the isolation ward.

The support and care of healthcare professionals

Rijo works in the radiology field in Italy. While speaking to PTI, he also praised the healthcare professionals in Kerala. The couple, which had age-related issues while combating COVID-19, were treated at the Kottayam Medical College.

A team of 7 doctors, 25 nurses and 40 medical staff attended them. According to Rijo, the staff took great care of the couple and put in a lot of effort to save them.

Thomas is a farmer and hails from the Ranni sub-division of Pathanamthitta.

Rijo’s sister, his brother-in-law and his uncle had also contracted the disease.

Rijo’s sister and brother-in-law are nurses and had returned from Italy around 8 months back.

Thomas insisted that the grandchildren visit them soon. Hence, they had returned to Kerala.

While speaking to PTI Rijo said, “We were planning to come to Kerala in August but advanced the journey as my grandfather insisted that we should visit him soon. However, now we feel that it was a blessing or else we would have been in Italy right now.”

Rijo was all praise for the healthcare system of Kerala. “If we were in Italy, we might not have survived,” he added.

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