This 19-Year-Old Made 80 Lakhs From Instagram In 6 Months. Isn’t That Amazing?

Teenagers, these days, are mostly busy spending the time of their youth traveling, making memories with their friends, finding partners, leaving all the career work to be done after entering their mid-20’s. But not everyone keeps a similar kind of mindset. Some people are not wanting to wait and already becoming what they have dreamt of at their young age.

Meet Avinash Mada, a 19-year-old B.Tech student of LPU who is behind 2 successful start-ups and managed to forge his way to 7 figure income out of Instagram within 6 months of time.

This guy helps people to enhance their marketing strategies, teaches them how to get more and more clientage and followers and charges each client up to $1,000-2,000.

He stated that he started it all as a hobby. He made an Instagram Page and began to post memes on it. Soon, he discovered that the followers began to expand with time and companies started coming to him on a product-promotional basis. Avinash currently has clients ranging from E-Commerce Masters to Skin Care Products. Around 7 freelancers around the globe are working with him.

He is offering an IG Empire course to youngsters in which he will teach them how to earn money using small techniques on Instagram and how to enhance the base of followers. He has been working on this course and has recorded around 100 videos which he will give to his students and charge up to $500-1000 from each one of them.

The world is changing. People are exploring and finding unique and amazing ways to learn and earn. A little curiosity with a pinch of hunger for learning can definitely take you to places!

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