Safety Tips For Doing Banking And Handling Currency During The Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus cases have crossed the 500 marks in India. The central, as well as the state governments, are taking strict measures to stop the spread of the COVID-19 disease.

The Indian Banking Association has also issued various guidelines for the safety of the bank employees as well as account holders.

Other than following the guidelines issued by authorities and experts, there are a few precautions you can take in order to protect yourself from the virus.

Here are a few tips you should keep in mind while banking or handling currency: 

  • Avoid visiting banks unless absolutely necessary. Use online banking instead.
  • Instead of transferring or depositing money through cash or cheques, opt for electronic payment options like NEFT, RTGS, etc. 
  • Avoid using the currency for payments. Use debit cards, credit cards or mobile payment apps instead. 
  • If paying in cash, try to pay the exact amount so that you do not have to handle any change. 
  • Don’t forget to wash your hands after handling cash. 

In case you have no choice but need to visit the bank, follow these tips:

1. Stay away from the crowd and maintain a proper distance.

2. Wash your hands before going to the bank as well as after coming home. 

3. Carry a hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes with you. If you touch a surface, which you think might be contaminated, apply the sanitizer right away.

4. Keep your hands away from your face at all times.

5. Avoiding touching surfaces or things unnecessarily.

Follow proper personal hygiene and social distancing to protect yourself and your loved ones. Stay safe!

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