Man Struggling To Survive After Selling His Kidney To Buy An iPhone

Apple products are a style statement. However, as the saying goes, all good things come for a price. 

There are thousands of memes out there about how ridiculously expensive iPhones are.

The question is, how far will you go for an iPhone?

Perhaps this young man from China took the memes way too seriously. When he was a teenager, he sold his kidney for buying a new iPad and iPhone. Unfortunately, the remaining kidney failed and the man is now bedridden.

25-year-old Wang Shangkun sold his kidney to a black market organ harvester in 2011 (when he was just 17). He received AUD $4,500 for the organ, which he invested in purchasing an iPad 2 and an iPhone 4. Back then, the man was happy with his decision and said “Why do I need a second kidney? One is enough”.

According to local Chinese media, Wang is now suffering from kidney failure and depends on dialysis. He is sick and bedridden.

Shortly after the illegal surgery, Wang developed renal deficiency owing to an infection, which was a result of the unsanitary setting of the operation as well as lack of care post surgery.

The operation was carried out at Chenzhou (southern China) by two doctors who also worked at local hospitals. A number of arrests took place in connection with this case.

Wang had to give up his studies and depends on social benefits now. Later on, his family received around $300,000 as compensation.

We pray for Wang’s speedy recovery and hope that his story discourages others from choosing materialist gains over health!

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