Man Falls For A Girl Begging On Streets, Couple Gets Married During Lockdown!

The world is going through a crisis and seems like we hear nothing but ‘bad news’ these days. However, during these difficult times, we have witnessed several heartwarming tales of love, kindness, and affection that have helped restore our faith in the world.

This tale from Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur is proof that no matter what the circumstances are, love will always find a way.

Everybody is talking about this unique wedding which took place in Kanpur! A young man fell in love with a girl begging on the streets.

Anil met the girl while distributing food on the sidewalk during the lockdown. The lovely couple then got married. Several people attended the wedding where social distancing was strictly followed.

According to a report by Aaj Tak, the young man used to give food to the girl (Neelam) who sat along with the beggars by the roadside.

Anil fell for Neelam and decided to marry her. This unique wedding took everybody by surprise. People were amazed to hear about the boy who followed his heart without caring what other people would say.

A life full of struggles

Neelam’s father had passed away and her mother is suffering from paralysis. Her brother and sister-in-law had asked her to leave her house. Neelam had nowhere to go and no source of income to make ends meet.

While speaking to TOI, Neelam said, “My father died long ago. My mother suffered a paralysis stroke. Brother and sister-in-law used to beat me up and one day they threw me and my mother out of the house.”

She added “As we had nothing, I started begging on the footpath with others. The lockdown made life even more miserable. But it had a silver lining too. During the lockdown, Anil used to come every day with his employer to distribute food to the poor.”

When Anil came to know about Neelam’s plight, he fell in love with her and decided to marry her.

She said “Anil started talking to me when he came to know about my circumstances. And then one day, he convinced me to give up begging. We started interacting daily and developed a friendship that blossomed into love. He then proposed to me and we got married at an ashram while maintaining social distancing.”

Anil works as a driver

Anil works as a driver for a realtor named Lalta Prasad who also played a role in getting the two married.

Prasad said “Anil used to distribute food to poor and needy amid lockdown with me. He fell in love with the girl Neelam, who used to beg. He told me about her. I told him to take care of her and her mother and provide them food every day. Then Anil himself started cooking food and giving it to the girl and her mother. I somehow persuaded his father to agree to their marriage. By the grace of God, both are happy.”

The wedding, which took place at the Lord Buddha Ashram, was graced by a number of social activists.

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