Human And Doggo Riding On A Bike. Netizens Have Mixed Feelings.

Pet parents love their furry friends to no end and can go to any extent to ensure their safety and well-being. In a video that is trending on social media, a dog can be seen riding with its human friend on a bike. Moreover, the dog is also wearing a helmet!

The video was shared by Twitter user Pramod Madhav and shows a man and his doggo making their way through the busy streets on a bike. The pet seems fine as he sits on the bike like a human and holds on to his owner for support.

A lot of people are liking the way the pet has managed to maintain its balance. The video, which has more than 53.8 thousand views, has divided the netizens into two groups. While some are amused to see the man and his pet friend (with a helmet!) ride on a bike, others are concerned that this may not be a safe way to travel with your furry friend.

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