Here’s What 3 Boys From Ferguson College (Pune) Did To Promote Gender Equality

In an effort to promote gender equality, 3 male students from Ferguson College (Pune) decided to dress up in sarees for their annual traditional day.

The third-year students decided to wrap sarees for the annual ‘Tie and Saree’ day at their college.

The unique choice of Sumit Honwadajkar, Akash Pawar, and Rushikesh Sanap got them a lot of attention.

While speaking to, Akash said “It is not written anywhere that boys should dress in boys attire and only girls should wear saree or other costumes like salwar, skirts, etc. So it struck to my mind, that why not wear a saree and have the experience of dressing up in one.” He said he did not take the reaction of his classmates into account.

According to Sumit “We had a lot of difficulty in arranging the sarees. We found draping the saree very difficult and for help, we had to call our friend Shraddha. It was only after dressing up and attending the function, we understood the complications of wearing a saree. Now we know why the ladies take so much time in dressing up.”

The trio was able to dress up for the occasion, thanks to Shraddha Deshpande who helped them out.

According to Rushikesh, “It was very difficult to drape a saree and also to carry oneself elegantly for such a long time.”

The students, as well as the faculty members, appreciated the efforts of the three students.

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