Government’s Tracking App Tells If You Were Near COVID-19 Patient

In a bid to protect people from contracting and spreading the novel coronavirus disease, the government of India has launched a dedicated tracker app called ‘Aarogya Setu’.

The platform, which means a ‘bridge of health’, works automatically in the background and flags an alert upon detecting your contact with a known COVID-19 patient.

Here’s how the app works.

1. Working

Aarogya Setu uses Bluetooth and Location features to track contact

Available on Android and iOS, Aarogya Setu uses a combination of Bluetooth and GPS to check if you have been near a COVID-19 positive person.

The GPS shares your exact location with the app in real-time, provided you set location permission to ‘always’, while Bluetooth determines if you came within 6-feet of an infected individual, by using a government-maintained database of confirmed cases.

2. Security

Data will be kept anonymized, away from third-parties

The app says it keeps your data in an encrypted form on the device and doesn’t share it with any third party.

According to The Next Web, which first reported the app’s release, it sends your data (Location and Bluetooth stats) in an anonymized form to a server that scans against the database and confirms if you have been close to an infected individual.

3. Self-assessment

Self-assessment tool also available for use

Along with the automated tracker, the app also includes a self-assessment bot that presents a number of questions related to your health condition, recent travel history, and contacts to check your risk level for the disease.
Depending on the results, it provides guidance on the next steps as well as details about state-wise helpline numbers to seek medical help and testing appointments.

4. Information

So far, coronavirus has infected over 9,240 in India

The development of the app comes as India moves towards the third stage of the coronavirus outbreak with over 9,240 positive cases and at least 58 deaths.

So, phones can now track the spread of COVID-19. Is It a Good Idea? Leave your views in the comment section below.

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