From Selling Vegetables To Owning A Business Worth Crores, This Story Proves That Dreams Do Come True!

This story is about a person who was born into extreme poverty and had a rough childhood! He worked as a vegetable vendor and daily wager to make ends meet.

However, instead of feeling hopeless and defeated, this exceptional man was inspired to achieve success in life. He continued his studies and worked hard to realize his dreams. Today, he runs a successful business with an annual turnover of 500 crores.

Nitin Godse was born in a very poor family Akola village of Ahmed Nagar (Gujarat). His success story is truly inspirational.

Nitin’s father was a salesman and barely earned enough to keep food on the table.

Being the eldest of three siblings, he had to take on the responsibility to take care of his family. Nitin took the job of a salesman at a local shop and continued his education along with the job.

In 1992, he decided to pursue B.Sc from Pune University after completing his schooling since his financial condition did not allow him to pursue engineering.

He got the job of a supervisor after he graduated from college.

However, after working for a few days, Nitin felt that he should focus on receiving quality education if he wants to succeed in life.

With the goal to earn a top managerial position in a company, he decided to pursue an MBA. Post-MBA, he got a job at an Agro-based company that was into vegetable packaging and sales.

Since Nitin belonged to a farmer’s family, this business seemed interesting to him. After some time, he started his very own venture on similar lines.

Nitin borrowed 5 lakh rupees from his friend to start a vegetable business and invested a lot of time and effort to make things work.

However, the business did not prove to be very profitable and he was forced to shut it down. After that, he started working as a marketing manager in a gas company.

After 3 years of hard-work he collected enough funds for his next venture!. In 1996, he started a company that manufactured gas handling systems, cylinder trolleys, gas cabinets, etc. Nitin named his futuristic project “Excel Gas and Equipments Pvt Ltd.”

What started as a small business now has an annual turnover of around 500 crore rupees. It has more than 150 employees and its list of clients includes big names like Bark, Cipla, IISR, and Reliance.

Nitin held on to his values and worked hard to achieve his dreams. He believed in himself and this helped him overcome the hurdles that came his way! As a result, he received tremendous success!

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