Flu, Allergies or Coronavirus? Know Your Symptoms

The COVID-19 coronavirus cases in India are on the rise. Since the new disease shares a lot of symptoms with other common ailments like flu and allergies, things may get a little confusing. 

As the panic spreads, people have begun to get anxious every time they cough or sneeze or feel a tickle in their throat.

The key to managing stress and anxiety in times like these is to keep yourself informed and updated about the situation. It is also necessary to stay vigilant and monitor your health.

Here is how you can differentiate between allergies, flu, and COVID-19:

Seek medical attention if you are displaying the symptoms associated with COVID-19.

The ongoing pandemic has given rise to general health anxieties. It is of utmost importance to keep calm, take necessary precautions, and keep monitoring your and symptoms to win this fight against the deadly COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

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