Coronavirus Crisis: 7 Tips To Follow While Grocery Shopping

With experts and authorities constantly telling people to avoid crowds and practice social distancing, grocery shopping can be quite a task. The good news is, several stores are doing their bit to ensure the safety of their customers.

Here are a few tips you can use if you are planning to go grocery shopping anytime soon.

1. Avoid going to the store if you aren’t well

First things first, if you are not well or think that you might be coming down with something, avoid going to the grocery store.

2. Avoid the crowd

Avoid the crowd and, in turn, exposure to people by shopping in the early morning or late evening. Keep your distance from people.

Consider buying a little extra in order to avoid frequent trips. However, do not hoard or panic-buy. Sale of groceries and essential items continues during lockdowns.

Moreover, avoid touching stuff. If you are not too sure you’re going to purchase something, don’t pick it up.

3. Carry your own grocery bag

If possible avoid touching carts and baskets at the grocery store. You can carry your own grocery bag instead.

4. Carry gloves, wipes, and sanitizer

Carry things like gloves, wipes or hand sanitizer with you when you go out for grocery shopping. Wear gloves or use the wipes to clean the handle of the grocery cart or basket before use (in case you are not carrying your own shopping bag). Don’t forget to apply hand sanitizer after cleaning the cart handle.

5. Buy packed food

Packaged produce means that not many hands have touched the food. Go for bagged vegetables and fruits instead of loose ones.

6. Buy longer-lasting fruits and vegetables that will last longer

Fruits like bananas, apples, and oranges stay good for longer. In the case of vegetables, you can go for cauliflower, potatoes, broccoli, carrots and brussels sprouts. Purchasing fruits and vegetables that stay good for longer will help you reduce the number of grocery store trips.

7. Keep your hands away from your face

Most importantly, make it a point to NEVER touch your eyes, mouth, and nose whenever you go out. Experts suggest that keeping your hands away from your face is among the primary means to avoid the virus.


Opt for self-checkout (if the option is available) once you are done shopping. Don’t forget to sanitize your hands once you step out of the store.

Once you are back home, clean the items using disinfecting wipes before putting them away and don’t forget to wash your hands.

While it is advisable to stay vigilant, it is also important to avoid excessive stress. A few simple precautions are all you need to protect yourself while grocery shopping.

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