Arvind Kejriwal’s Mini Avatar Is Winning Hearts All Over The Internet!

AAP’s tremendous victory in the Delhi elections has created quite a buzz. People are hailing chief minister Arvind Kejriwal as Delhi’s very own superhero and have unanimously chosen him to serve Delhiites for another term.

Another amazing thing we witnessed post-AAP’s victory is Arvind Kejriwal’s adorable little doppelganger. Even AAP couldn’t resist this little fellow’s charm and shared his picture on Twitter.

As we can see in the picture, the little guy is wearing a cap, spectacles, and a muffler…just like Arvind Kejriwal. The kid is also sporting a fake mustache!

Watch little Kejrival in action in this video by Editorji:

The post went viral and netizens had a lot to say about the child:

Isn’t this mini ‘Mufflerman’ simply adorable?!

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