According to Scientists, Mars Once Had Salty and Comfortable Lakes

Over the years, scientists have managed to gather a significant amount of data about planet Mars with the help of rovers, probes, and orbiters sent there. However, we are yet to find a suitable answer to the biggest question of them all-’Did Mars ever had life on it?’

Very important evidence, which supports the idea that Mars had life on it is being offered by a new study. The study can be found in Nature Communications.

Gale Crater is a large depression on the surface of Mars. It was created by a massive impact, which took place very long ago. Although dry and desolate now, long ago it held water. It may even have been home to a giant Lake.

The study is based on the readings that were taken within the Gale Crater.

The Curiosity rover has been present at the Gale Crater since it arrived on Mars several years ago. The rover has found that the water present within the crater was not only salty, it also had a rather comfortable pH level.

Rocky world, mineral-rich water, and suitable temperatures are a few factors that support the notion of life on Mars. However, proving this will take more work.

Nevertheless, it can be said that more and more evidence supporting the idea of life on the Red Planet is coming up. Researchers are aware that water once flowed on the surface on Mars. They have even discovered organic molecules that may have been a result of biological processes.

Missions like Mars 2020 will help scientists gain more undertaking about the surface conditions of Mars millions or billions of years ago. Eventually, a crewed mission can open up more possibilities of gathering important data.

For now, it can’t be said when will the scientists come across solid evidence suggesting that the Red Planet once hosted life.

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