You Are Going To Love These 5 Unusual Emotional Support Animals.

Animals that can help alleviate symptoms of emotional/mental disabilities and provide emotional comfort to their pet parents are known as emotional support animals. While dogs and cats are the most popular options in this category, there are a few other adorable creatures that make great ESAs.

Here are 5 cute emotional support animals you’d love to keep:

1. Miniature Horses

Who doesn’t love a cute miniature horse! These are as big as a grown-up dog (like a pug or similar breeds). The best part is, they have a rather long life-span and can live up to forty years. These calm and comforting creatures can be great companions for people who have anxiety.

2. Sugar Gliders

These furry little creatures are very cute and can easily fit in the pocket of your shirt! They are affectionate and playful, making them a great choice for an emotional support animal.

3. Marmoset

They look adorable and come in various sizes. Although they are gaining popularity as an emotional support animal, marmosets are not easy to deal with. Keeping them as pets can be expensive and demanding.

4. Hamster

These tiny bundles of absolute joy can help you de-stress in no time. Moreover, keeping a pet hamster is rather easy and affordable. Their friendly nature makes them one of the best emotional support animals. Also, you can carry these pocket-size fur balls wherever you go!

5. Snakes

Believe it or not, snakes can actually make amazing, low-maintenance pets. Just give them the right place, food, and temperature and they won’t trouble you much.

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