Move Away Dating Apps, All I Need Is An App To Find Myself A New BFF

We live in a world where anything and everything can be done through an app, be it socializing, ordering food, shopping, booking a ride, you name it!

And, of course, how can we forget the fact that finding love is also very much possible through apps. No more going out, no more meeting new people, no more tolerating your friends and family as they try to hook you up with random guys! Just swipe right and you will find the love of your life!

While one can be happy that looking for love has become easier than ever, we must not forget that sometimes all we need is our BFF! Ranting to your best friend about a shitty day at work or about a date gone bad is one of the best therapies there is!

And in case you are one of those unlucky people who are stuck in the same place while your friends have migrated to another city (or country), things become more difficult! 

Also, most of us will agree that making new friends gets more and more difficult as we grow older.

This is why what we really need in today’s time is an app that can help us find a best friend! 

And mind you, not a formal, for-the-sake-of-it friend! A BEST FRIEND! Someday we can share inside jokes with, can make fun of without hesitation, someone who will dare to point out our faults even when we do not want to hear it. What we need is a zero filter friendship!

The app should help us find our future BFF based on the basis of shared interests. It should help us determine whether we will have the ability to hate the same people, complement each other’s crushes, and be each other’s wing person when the need arises. It should also help us discover whether we are the perfect partners for a ‘get drink and dance on shitty music’ kind of night!

Basically, we need a simpler way to find someone who’ll always have our back and never judge us!

Of course, there is a feature in a few dating apps that apparently help us to ‘find friends.’ But come on, let’s be real! We all know what dating apps are for.

I am sure that along with apps, which can help them meet potential partners, millennials all over the world also need an app that can help them find a best friend! Do you agree?

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