Loving Taking Your Kid’s Pictures? Here’s Why You May Want To Stop Doing That!

Parents love to take pictures and videos of their kids. For them, whatever their little angels do is very special and memorable and they want to capture every moment.

However, is it healthy to take too many pictures of your child and share them on social media? Here’s how overexposure to cameras and social media may affect young kids.

1. It may inflate their sense of self-worth

If you keep clicking pictures of your child without including other family members or his/her friends in them, your child may end up thinking that everything is always about him/her!

According to a study, posting pictures excessively may be connected to an increase in narcissism.

2. They may not like it later in life

Kids may not prefer having their childhood photos all over the internet, once they have grown up. Having embarrassing pictures online may pose a threat to their image and reputation. Few parents also post videos of their children while disciplining them. This may become a cause of embarrassment for the kids later in life.

3. They may face trouble in forming childhood memories

Parents who click too many photos of their little ones may actually forget to help them learn and talk about their experiences. As they are busy taking pictures, these parents may not be able to pay much attention to the moment.

According to a study, if the parents are busy taking pictures instead of being in the moment with their kids, their memories might be impaired.

4. They may become overly conscious about their looks

If their pictures do not get enough likes or views, kids may tend to become overly critical about their looks and appearance. This may affect their self-esteem and confidence.

5. They may be subjected to criticism and judgment

Posting children’s photos online may make them more susceptible to cyber-bullying and unfair criticism.

6. It may hamper their privacy

Kids have the right to their own privacy. Parents who love to share their kid’s pictures often do so without their consent ( since the kids are too young). As they grow older, children may see this as a breach of their privacy.

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