Here’s How You Can Celebrate An Eco-Friendly Diwali

eco-friendly Diwali
eco-friendly Diwali

The festival of lights is finally here and your social media accounts must be flooded with ‘say no to crackers’ posts, ads and campaigns. However, that’s not the only thing you need to do if you really want to go green this Diwali.

Here are 5 ways you can celebrate an eco- friendly this year.

1. Traditional lighting

Traditional Lighting

No amount of fairy lights can match up to the beautiful glow of a diya. The best thing, this good-old traditional lighting is biodegradable and cost-effective. If you are willing to take it up a notch, go for DIY diyas made of orange peels, wheat dough and coconut shells. 

In case you just cannot do without electric lighting, go for LED lights as they use around 80 percent less energy as compared to the regular ones.

2. Say a big no to plastic

Ditch Plastic

This Diwali, do your bit for protecting the environment by avoiding the use of plastic. This includes plastic gift wraps and packaging, plastic boxes, disposable utensils, cheap plastic decoratives etc. Use pattals, banana leaves or earthenware for serving food. Eco-friendly handmade paper can be used for packaging food items or wrapping gifts. Not only will the non-plastic alternatives help you reduce waste, but also add a traditional touch to your celebration.

3. Smart home décor


Save your time, energy and money by giving décor shopping a miss this festive season. Instead, go through the discarded items at home and see what you can use to make recycled décor! Candle stands from glass bottles, chandeliers made of old CDs, wall decorations made out of old newspapers…the possibilities are endless. 

Also, avoid using chemical colors for making rangoli. Opt for organic colors or go for a floral rangoli!

4. Eco-friendly gifts

Green Gifts

Surprise your loved ones by giving them unique, ‘green’ gifts instead of sweets and dry fruit boxes.  Go for organic creams or soap, organic teas, gourmet coffee, spices etc. Ornamental plants, birdhouses and bird feeders are a few other awesome gift ideas.

5. Responsible waste management

Waste Management

Festival celebrations result in a huge amount of waste. Your goal this Diwali should be to produce as little waste as possible.

Instead of putting everything in plastic bags and dumping them irresponsibly, make efforts to discard the waste in a proper manner. For starters, separate non-biodegradable and biodegradable waste and dispose accordingly. This ‘post-celebration cleaning’ should not be limited to your own house. Make sure your locality or society is clean as well. 

Wish you a clean and green Diwali!

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