Here Are The Food Trends You Can Expect To See In 2020

The year 2020 will be promising for all the foodies out there who like exploring traditional and regional food culture. According to the latest shift in preferences, it is likely that agricultural and fresh vegan foods will trend in the upcoming year.

According to experts the year 2020 would be more about healthy food and not just taste preferences. Moreover, parents will make more efforts to offer their children healthy foods.

Regenerative agricultural foods will be more in demand in 2020, as per the to foodies. Also, the demand for plant-based meat products will go up.

Here are a few other food trends that we are likely to see next year.

1. Added natural sugar

Sugar made from pomegranate, monk fruit, date, and the coconut may trend in 2020. While sugar found in dairy contains protein and fat, sugar from vegetables and fruits boasts of fiber. Fiber is known to assist digestion and give stable energy sans the sugar crash or spike.

Added sugar such as that derived from sugar cane and corn syrup offers no nutritional value. Natural alternatives such as stevia and honey seem to be getting a free pass to consumers.

2. Environment-friendly packaging

The usage of plastic packaging, wrappers, spoons, straws, and plates will go down in the upcoming year. Eco-friendly packaging will be the preferred option. It’d help if you have already developed the habit of carrying your own cloth bag to the grocery store and vegetable market.

3. Flour alternatives

Another trend you will likely witness in 2020 is alternative flours. The usage of fruit and vegetable flours, as well as traditional flours (such as teff flour), will go up. For baking, people may opt for flour made from red lentils, nuts, chocolate or other protein-packed options.

Your favorite baked food items may get a healthy twist, thanks to cauliflower, tigernut, banana, and seed flour mixture.

4. Meat and Plant

Another thing you will continue to see in the list of food trends 2020 list are food products made from a combination of plant and animal-based ingredients. Consumers will aim for a healthy balance between plants and meat in their diet. The demand for plant-based options made from avocado, pumpkin, watermelon, and green beans may also go up.

Fresh snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, switch of soy-based food are few other food trends that are likely to pick up in the new year.

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