Google Launches Throwback Game Series. Here Are 6 Google Doodle Games You Must Try!

Are you running out of ways to keep yourself occupied at home amid the nationwide lockdown? Don’t worry, Google has got you covered!

Google has launched ‘Stay and Play at Home’, a throwback game series that will keep you engaged and entertained for hours!

Here are 6 Google Doodle games you should definitely check out!

1. ICC Championships Trophy 2017

This popular game by google is a treat for all cricket lovers out there. Let’s see how many balls you can hit before you’re out!

2. Magic Cat Academy

Your character is a spell caster who is up against an army of ghosts. All you need to do is draw appropriate symbols on the screen to destroy the ghosts before its too late!

3. Celebrating Garden Gnomes

Use the trebuchet to fling the gnome as far as you can! The farther it goes, the more you score.

4. 44th Anniversary Of The Birth Of Hip-Hop

Show off your skills on a dual-deck turntable. Mix some music from a selection of iconic hip-hop tracks.

5. Coding for Carrots

This super simple game involves leading the rabbit to carrots by creating simple combinations of commands.

6. Celebrating Wilbur Scoville

You are a trio of ice cream scoops who have to fight against different kinds of peppers! The hotter the pepper, the harder it is to defeat it.

Fight away your lockdown blues with these amazing games by Google!

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