Did You Know These 10 Interesting Facts About India?

India is a truly unique country. People all around the world are fascinated by our dynamic history and culture. There are a number of facts and achievements which make this country stand out from the rest of the world.

Here are 10 unique and interesting facts about India that you may not know:

1. A floating post office

With more than 1,55,015 post offices, our country has the largest postal network. To Top that, we also have a floating post office! Inaugurated back in 2011, this post office is located in Dal Lake (Srinagar).

2. The spectacular Kumbh Mela gathering

With more than 75 million pilgrims, The Kumbh Mela held in 2011 was the largest gathering of people. This huge gathering was even visible from space!

3. Switzerland’s Science Day is dedicated to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Dr. Kalam visited Switzerland in 2006. May 26, the day of his visit, was declared as Science Day in Switzerland.

4. World’s highest R\ail Bridge

The world’s tallest rail bridge is the Chenab bridge in Jammu and Kashmir. Standing at the height of 1,178 feet, this arch-shaped bridge is around 35 meters taller than Eiffel Tower.

5. Human Calculator

Can you tell what is 7,686,369,774,870 × 2,465,099,745,779 within one minute? No? Well, Shakuntla Devi can! She calculated the sum of these two 13 digit numbers in just 28 seconds. This earned her the title ‘human calculator.’

6. India discovered water on the Moon

Water on the moon was first detected in 2009 by India’s ISRO Chandrayaan-1. Chandrayaan-1 used its Moon Mineralogy Mapper to find water.

7. Shampooing, Snakes and Ladder, Chess originated here

The concept of shampooing was invented here. However, instead of using liquid shampoos, people used herbs back them. The word ‘shampoo’ comes from the Sanskrit word ‘champu’ (massage). Games like snakes and ladder and chess also originated in India.

8. A bicycle was used to transport India’s first rocket

ISRO launched its first rocket in 1963 from a church in Thumba (modern-day Trivandrum). A bicycle was used to transport this rocket! Later, the launching pad came to be known as Vikram Sarabhai Space Center.

9. India is the first nation to consume sugar

The processes of sugar extraction, as well as purifying techniques, were developed in India. Visitors coming in from abroad learned the techniques of refining and cultivating sugar from India.

10. Diamonds were first mined here

Initially, the only place where diamonds were found was in the alluvial deposits in Guntur and Krishna District of the Krishna River Delta. India was leading the world in diamond production until the diamonds were found in Brazil.

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