8 Types Of Employees Who Find It Hard To Do Well At Work!

Experience and knowledge are not the only things you need to excel in the workplace. Social skills are also of the utmost importance if you want to do well at work.

In a study conducted by Harvard economist David Deming where he studied workplace tasks from 1980 to the present day, it was found that people who emphasize social skills grew by 24%. On the other hand, tasks that required technical knowledge and intelligence did not experience much growth. He also found that salaries increased the most in the case of jobs that gave extra emphasis on social skills.

Social skills and self-awareness are linked to emotional intelligence and those who lack EQ are often at a disadvantage.

Here are 8 categories of employees in the workplace you should know about. If you can relate to any of these personality traits, it’s time to reevaluate your behaviour and change for good.

1. The weaklings

Often motivated by fear, this person never takes a stand for what’s right. Such colleagues are quick to blame others and try to cover up mistakes instead of coming out clean! Their behaviour may be irrational or damaging in the workplace.

2. The pessimists

They are one who views the glass as half-empty…always! Their pessimism and negativity can affect those around them. No matter how uncomplicated the situation is, such folks can inject it with concern and fear!

3. The sheep

People belonging to this category like to stick to ‘this is how it has always been done.’ You should not get influenced by what everyone else thinks and does. Moreover, taking risks and trying new things is important for professional growth.

4. The ‘blame it on the circumstances’ gang

Such people blame their lack of accomplishment on circumstances and lack of opportunity. What they don’t realise is hard-work and having the right attitude are also vital factors that can help a person become successful.

5. The easily deceived!

You can’t help but feel sorry for the gullible ones (often newbies). They do not know how to take a stand and simply go with the flow, even if it means babysitting the boss’s kid or completing a task that was assigned to someone else.

It’s okay to say no or question the way things are done. Standing up for yourself will earn you a lot of respect.

6. The Victims

They are the ones who shy away from personal responsibility by making every problem seem like the end of the world. They don’t see tough times and difficulties may also be an opportunity to grow.

7. The arrogant ones

These people use arrogance as a tool to mask their insecurities. A study conducted by the University of Akron revealed that arrogance can be associated with several workplace problems. Apparently, such people may have low productivity, they tend to have more cognitive problems and can be more disagreeable.

8. The temperamental ones

People who belong to this category often have trouble controlling their emotions. They may lash out at others and blame them for their troubles. Their emotions often cloud their judgment and they find it hard to maintain healthy relationships at work. Be wary of such people as they may burden you with unnecessary drama.

If you feel you fall under any of these categories, don’t worry because there is still hope! Self-awareness and a desire to change are what you need to eradicate unhelpful behaviour at the workplace!

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