8 Obvious Signs That Say You Need To Change Your Diet!

A wholesome diet is vital for good health. Your diet should consist of all the important nutrients you need to stay fit and combat health issues. It should also give you enough energy to carry on with your daily activities.

But how do we know that something is wrong with our diet? Well, the most obvious sign is weight gain. Other than that, there are numerous other ways in which our body tells us that we need to start eating healthier.

Here are 8 signs which say that you need to change your eating habits.

1. Tiredness

Excessive sugar intake can be one of the reasons why you feel sluggish all the time. Consuming too many complex carbs can leave you with low energy.

This happens because initially, sugar leads to a rise in the insulin level. This is followed by a dip in the level of blood sugar. As a result, you tend to feel less energetic.

2. Feeling cold

If you are always feeling chilly no matter what the season is, chances are that you may need to change your diet. A low-carb diet can be one of the reasons why you are always feeling cold.

A low-carb diet affects the thyroid, which regulates body temperature. Increase your carbs intake to get rid of this problem.

3. Bad Breath

This embarrassing problem is quite common and it is perfectly normal to wake up with bad breath. However, it can be a problem in case you experience bad breath throughout the day.

This could be a sign that you are not eating enough food. Bad breath can be caused by a ketosis-a metabolic process. The process leads to the formation of ketones, which may cause bad breath.

4. Frequent bathroom visits

Drinking too much water is one of the reasons why you may feel the need to use the loo frequently.

However, did you know that dehydration may also make you rush to the washroom again and again?

Insufficient water intake may irritate your bladder and force you to go to the loo frequently.

5. Perceptual bad mood

An unhealthy diet can make you feel irritated and cranky. Fewer carbs intake can bring down your blood sugar level. As a result, you feel cranky. Consume sufficient amounts of carbs to tackle this problem.

6. Hair loss

Hair thinning and hair loss is a common issue. One of the causes behind this problem is iron deficiency.

Iron produces RBCs, which store and carry oxygen in the blood. If there is not enough iron in your body, you may suffer from hair loss.

Make sure you include iron-rich foods in your diet.

7. Constipation

If constipation is a recurring issue for you, your body is telling you to drink more water. Add more fiber and water in your diet to keep constipation at bay.

8. Cracks at the corner of your mouth

The appearance of cracks at the corner of the mouth can be a sign of iron deficiency. If so, avoid licking your lips and try using a lip balm regularly for a few days. Also, increase your iron intake.

Eat healthily and stay fit!

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