7 Common Trends Indians Have Adopted From The Western Culture

The world we live in is extremely diverse when it comes to culture and lifestyle. Different countries follow different trends. However, sometimes we see that these countries ‘borrow’ certain practices from other cultures.

Here are 10 trends that India has borrowed from the West.

1. Using ‘Buck’ instead of ‘Rupees’

The Indian currency is known as ‘rupee.’ Using the term ‘buck’ instead of ‘rupee’ has become quite common, especially among youngsters.

2. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is not really a part of the Indian culture. Nevertheless, we celebrate this day with joy and fervour.

3. Sunday

The western world chose Sunday as a day for rest owing to religious reasons. Sunday as a holiday in India is largely inspired by the west.

4. Low Waist Jeans

Another foreign trend that has become immensely popular among desi fashion lovers.

5. Graduation Ceremonies Attire

The trend of wearing robes and caps during graduation ceremonies is something that our country has borrowed from the West.

6. Suits

The trend of wearing suits as formal and office wear is also somewhat borrowed from the West. However, the weather conditions in India do not make it easy for people to wear a suit all round the year.

7. A Cake Smash

As a fun, as it sounds, playfully applying cake on someone’s face, is a waste of food.

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