5 School Punishment That Was A Little Too Harsh

It is okay to teach children the importance of following rules and regulations. However, teachers and parents need to be careful that they don’t end up being too harsh while disciplining kids.

Check out these 5 bizarre punishments that were given to children.

1. Frozen peas and aching knees

A Chinese student was asked to kneel on frozen peas as a part of school punishment. She revealed the pictures of her knees showing how painful it must have been. 

It is also claimed that this punishment is common in Asia.

2. Monster closet

A teacher from Houston got into trouble after she locked a few of her students in a pitch-dark custodial closet called the “Monster Closet.” The class had just read a story where hid closets and the teacher thought the method can be used to punish a four-year-old kid. The teacher also went ahead and locked 3 more kids in there. The punishment scared the children. Perhaps, it was too much to take for the four-year-olds.

3. Unwanted haircut

One fine day, a seven-year-old girl sat in her class, playing with the beads in her hair. The teacher lured the child towards her desk with candy and then chopped her braid off with a pair of scissors. Later, the teacher apologized for what she did and claimed that she acted out because she was frustrated. 

The teacher was fined but did get to keep her job anyway.

4. Using permanent markers on the face

Apparently, a teacher decided to punish the not-so-good readers of her class by allowing other students to draw on their (weak readers) faces with permanent markers. Of course, the parents were not okay with this bizarre punishment.

5. Make’em wear a sign

A boy from Florida received a rather weird punishment from his parents. He was made to wear a sign advertising his not-so-great academic achievements and then stand at a famous street corner in Miami. While several passersby supported the punishment, others thought it was a bit too harsh.

Have you ever been at the receiving end of a bizarre punishment at school or at home? Let us know!

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