10 Little Ways In Which We Can Help Save The Environment

Eco-friendly lifestyle

The importance of being environmentally conscious cannot be emphasized enough.  There is so much we can do without bringing in any sudden or drastic change in our everyday lives. These little steps add up to create a bigger impact.

Here are 10 effective tips that’ll help you lead a more Eco-friendly lifestyle.

1. Reduce waste generation by carrying a metal water bottle, metal straw and a cloth shopping bag whenever you head out.

Single Use Items

2. Drive less. Look for more environment-friendly ways to commute. Walk to cover short distances. Or better yet, take up cycling!

Public Transportation

3. Go paperless. Ditch notepads and sticky notes and use your phone for note-taking.


4. Think twice before discarding stuff. Search for ways to reuse glass bottles, newspapers, clothes etc.

Reuse Products

5. Hand-washing clothes not only helps save water, but it also makes them last longer. Also, Use a drying line or rack instead of a powered dryer to save power.

Hand Wash Clothes

6. ‘Bucket bathing’ may seem rather an old school, but it is much eco-friendlier.

Time Your Showers

7. Most of the things we use in our daily lives have better, more sustainable alternatives. Help save trees by ditching your regular napkins.

Eco-friendly Tissue Paper

8. There are a number of brands out there, which are doing their bit in protecting the planet.

Environmentally Conscious Bramds

9. If you are an avid reader, avoid buying new books and look for refurbished and used ones.

Local Library

10. Chemical laden commercial cleaning products can hamper your health as well as the environment. Use household ingredients to make your very own natural and safer cleaners.

Home Made Products

Remember, every action counts.

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