The Journey That Made Narendra the ‘Narendra Damodardas Modi – The 14th Prime Minister Of The biggest Democracy Of The World’

‘MODI’ – It’s not just a name, it’s a brand and perhaps the biggest brand of the 21st century and not only in India but throughout the world. Modi came into power in 2001 by replacing Keshubhai Patel as Gujarat’s CM. Since then, Modi has not moved out of power even for a single day. He has been elected as Gujarat’s Chief Minister four times back to back and then the Prime Minister of India, two times. It was after 23 years that any government was formed in the center with a complete majority. The complete credit goes to ‘Modi – Magic’. Not only this, but Modi also repeated his victory even with a bigger margin in 2019. This was simply unbelievable. In 2014, it might be anti-incumbency against Congress party but what was it in 2019? Again ‘Modi – Magic’?

What is it that made a local boy from Vadnagar (Gujarat) the most favorite and the most powerful leader of independent India? It’s his ‘soch’ (vision) and ‘yatra’ (journey). Modi is a leader who has seen the journey from printing pamphlets to becoming the Prime Minister of India. It’s something that makes him a leader he is today. Let’s have a glimpse on his journey:

  1. Modi has printed pamphlets opposing the government during times of emergency.
  2. During the emergency, Modi disguised once as a monk and once as a Sikh to avoid arrest. This reminds us of Shaheed Bhagat Singh.
  3. Modi was also involved in raising funds for political refugees and activists. Modi also wrote a book ‘Sangharsh Ma Gujarat’ based on the true events during the emergency.
  4. In 1987, Modi organized the BJP’s campaign in the Ahmedabad municipal election that BJP won by a big margin. Just some early signs of true leadership.
  5. Modi organized L.K. Advani’s 1990 Ram Rath Yatra and Murli Manohar Joshi’s 1991-92 Ekta Yatra. His rise in the senior leadership of BJP.
  6. In 2001, Modi was offered the post of Deputy CM of Gujarat but Modi declined the offer telling Advani that he was “going to be fully responsible for Gujarat or not at all”
  7. 2002 Gujarat Riots – Thousands of innocent people were killed in the riots. This started the worst chapter of Modi’s life as he and his government were considered by scholars to have been complicit in the riots. But in December 2013, all such petitions and allegations were rejected as no evidence was found against Modi. Narendra Modi came out clear and it cleared his way to New Delhi.
  8. After the riots, because of the pressure from within and outside the part, Modi submitted his resignation in April 2002 that was obviously not accepted. In 2002 itself, under Modi’s leadership, BJP won 127 out of 182 seats in Gujarat making him the Gujarat’s CM for the 2nd time.
  9. BJP won 117 and 115 seats respectively in 2007 and 2012 in the Gujarat elections under Modi’s leadership.
  10. The US barred Modi from entering the USA under the International Religious Freedom Act. After his election as the Prime Minister, they themselves invited him to Washington (USA).

It’s truly said leaders are not born, it’s the journey that makes a leader. It’s the journey and experiences that bring the best out of somebody. It’s literally hard to believe that all of this is just a one man’s journey but that’s what makes him the most loved and most capable leader of independent India – Narendra Damdardas Modi.

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