Celebrating United Nations Day: 5 Interesting Facts You Should Know

United Nations Day

The United Nations officially came into being on 24th October 1945. The occasion highlights the ideals of the UN Charter, that came into force on this date.

On the occasion of the United Nations Day, here are 5 interesting facts you should know about the most powerful intergovernmental organization in the world.

1.The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the first document to set out the fundamental human rights that must be universally protected. It was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in the year 1948.

2. The longest UN speech

The longest speech in UN history was made by V.K. Krishna Menon in 1957. The Indian representative spoke to defend India’s stand on Kashmir.

3. The first woman in charge in the UN

Louise Frechette (Canadian diplomat) was the first woman to be appointed for a high-responsibility position in the UN after being named the first Deputy Secretary-General in the year 1999.

4. The UN Peacekeeping budget

With 100,000 peacekeepers working on various operations across 4 continents, the annual UN peacekeeping budget does not even form 0.5 percent of the global military spending.

5. Sustainable Development Goals

In the year 2015, the ‘2030 Agenda’ was set by the UN. It outlines 17 SDGs that provide a common blueprint for nations to work towards a more sustainable and promising future. The goals include eliminating poverty, gender equality, fighting climate change, reducing inequalities among others.

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