5 Most Memorable Faiz Ahmed Faiz Shayaris to make your day poetic

Faiz Ahmed Faiz is widely regarded as one of the great Urdu poets of the twentieth century, and the iconic voice of a generation. Although he is best remembered for his revolutionary verses that decried tyranny and called for justice, his oeuvre also extended to scintillating, soulful poems of love.

Here are five gems that display Faiz’s extraordinary flair for tender hope and quiet longing.

1. Beloved, Don’t Ask Me For the Love that Was – “Mujhse Pehli Si Muhabbat Mehboob Na Maang”

Don’t ask me to love you the way I did before, my love

I’d imagined life to be bright and glowing because you were in it

What cared I for sorrows other than the joys of pining in your love?

It’s your beauty that keeps springtime intact upon the world

What else remains to be sought in the universe but your eyes?

2. Speak – “Bol”

Speak, for your lips are free

Speak, for your tongue is still yours

Your upright body belongs to you

Speak, for your soul still is yours

3. Highway – “Shahraah”

 A long, desolate highway

Its gaze fixed on the far horizon

Spreading out its grey beauty

On the breast of the cold earth—

Like a grief-stricken woman

In her desolate home

Dreaming of her absent lover

Lost in thought, each part of her body immersed

in the idea of union. 

4. The Day of Death – “Jis Roz Qaza Aayegi”

Kis tarah aayegi jis roz qaza aayegi

Shaayad iss tarah ki jis taur kabhi awwal-e shab

Be-talab pehle pahal marhamat-e bosa-e lab

5. Tyranny Giving Lessons in the Fidelity of Love – “Sitam Sikhlaayega Rasm-e Wafa Aise Nahin Hota”

Sitam sikhlaayega rasm-e wafa aise nahin hota

Sanam dikhlaaenge raah-e khuda aise nahin hota

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