Wow! Can You Guess How Much Salman Makes Per Episode Of Bigg Boss?

Bigg Boss season 13 is apparently the most successful season of the show so far. And one of the main reasons why the show enjoys this popularity is host Salman Khan. Whether he’s joking around with the contestants or reprimanding them when they make mistakes, Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman is always fun.

But as they say, everything comes for a price! According to reports, Sallu Bhai makes a whopping 6.5 crore for every Bigg Boss episode he hosts.

And that is not all. The actor is expected to receive a generous raise. He may soon be making 8 cores per episode.

Earlier the season was scheduled to end in January, next year. However, seeing the popularity of the show, the makers have decided to extend it by five weeks. This pushes Salman’s budget to Rs. 200 crore by the time the show ends.

Earlier, rumors had been floating around about the actor’s decision to quit as the host midway. Besides having a few projects in line, he was not happy with a few instances in the BB house.

According to reports, the producers will offer an additional 2 crore so that Salman continues to host the hit reality show.

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