Siddharth To Be Evicted This Week From Bigg Boss House?

Siddharth Shukla’s violent act and brutal fights with Asim Riaz in BB13 House have now reached to an extent. In the last episode also, both were seen brutally fighting with each other. Although, Asim was provoking Siddharth by putting his hands inside the pocket coming too close to Siddharth. It led to Siddharth losing his control and pushing away Asim with both his hands.

This act of indecency of Siddharth might lead to his eviction in the coming week.

Some evidence also states that Bigg Boss 13 contestants Siddharth Shukla and Asim Riaz have been making headlines for their ugly tussle inside the house. 

Both were standing in the kitchen area when Siddharth tries to persuade Asim by saying, “Jhagda karenge yaar… Phokat mein entertain nahi karenge.” On this, Asim replies, “No, I am not into that.”

Siddharth further convinces by telling that Asim can even vent out his frustrations towards the housemates so that his outbreak doesn’t look being directly pointed at one person. Asim can be seen finally giving in and agreeing.

Let’s wait and watch what the reality is? Is it a real fight or it’s a prentendable fight just to entertain the audience?

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