Want To Win ₹14 Lakhs? Spend One Night At This Haunted House.

A great offer has come up for all those brave hearts who think they can spend one whole night in a haunted house, all alone.

Russ McKamey, the owner of the McKamey Manor in Tennessee has got a great deal for you!

Russ will give a cash prize of $20,000 (Rs 14.16 Lakhs) to anyone who manages to spend an entire night in the McKamey Manor. 

But things aren’t as simple as they sound. Apparently, it is the most haunted house in the whole country! No one has been able to complete this challenge until now.

Russ offers a fair warning to any takers of the challenge and tells them “you really don’t want to do this.”

Other than entering the house at your own risk, there are several criteria that a person needs to pass for participating in this challenge.

In fact, you’ll need to sign a 40-page contract!!!

To participate in the haunted house challenge, you’ll have to be at least 18 years of age. You also need to have medical insurance as well as your doctor’s letter stating that you are fit enough to go for this challenge, among other requirements.

The only fee you are asked for participating in this adventure is a 50-pound bag of dog food that Russ donates to an animal shelter.

Using torture and hypnosis as his weapon, MCKamey makes it impossible for the participants to stay in the house for the expected 8 to 10 hours.

It is also reported that you’ll have to watch a video titled “And Then There Were None,” which features former contestants who quit the challenge midway and recommend others to stay away from it.

Think you are up for the challenge? Maybe these images will change your mind…

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