Vishal Aditya Singh – A True Leader or A Coward!!

Latest Bigg Boss entry Vishal Aditya Singh has changed the game completely. He has brought a sense of freshness and smartness with him. He has decided not to go with any team (Siddharth or Rashmi) and is transparently saying that too. He is playing his own game and this is also something that along with the audience, housemates are liking about him.

In Saturday’s, ‘Weekend ka Vaar’, Salman asked all the members to give a tag to each of the wildcard entry. All the members unanimously choose Vishal to be the Leader. But Bhai (Salman Khan) as usual thinks differently. He took away his leader’s tag gave the tag of a coward (kayar).

Everyone in the house was shocked by this. Well, at the end of the day, it’s only the audience who can decide and they’ll decide if Vishal is a Leader or a Coward…

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