Trisha Paytas weds Brad Pitt. Wait, what?!!!

Trisha Paytas weds Brad Pitt
Trisha Paytas weds Brad Pitt

American YouTuber Trisha Paytas surprised her fans when she announced her engagement on her channel last month. However, Paytas kept the identity of the man a secret until last Tuesday.

She finally put an end to this mystery and released her ‘wedding’ video.

But this YouTube personality certainly has a smart set of followers as a number of them remained unfazed by her engagement announcement to a man who (as she claimed) liked to keep things private. They had predicted that the whole thing was a sham, which eventually proved to be true.

The wedding video featured Paytas marrying a life-sized cardboard cutout of Hollywood Superstar Brad Pitt.

In the video, Trisha can be seen being walked down the aisle by Lenna Paytas, her mother.

The video also features a ceremony, a wedding photographer, reading of vows and emotional moments (like Paytas’ mother shedding tears of joy on Trisha’s ‘special’ day!)

Watch the special ceremony here:

Unfortunately, judging by the reactions that her video has been getting, her followers do not seem too happy about the whole incident.

What are your views about Trisha’s wedding prank?

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