The ‘Richest’ Woman In Pakistan Uses Tomatoes As Jewellery Instead of Gold…Find Out Why…

It’s no secret that almost every bride wants to wear the best, most exquisite jewellery on her big day. 

In today’s time, when spending thousands of rupees on expensive jewellery is no big deal, a Pakistani bride’s choice of wedding accessories has left everyone in splits! 

The bride decided to use tomatoes to deck up on her wedding day.

A television channel interviewed the bride about her unique choice of accessories. The bizarre video will leave you amused.

The tomato prices in Pakistan have soared over Rs. 300. The 2.20-minutes long viral clip shows the bride flaunting her ‘expensive’ tomatoes jewellery. She says, “As you know, the cost of gold is extremely high and so are the prices of tomatoes and pine nuts. Hence, I decided to use tomatoes instead of gold.”

The video has garnered more than 24 thousand views. Check out some of the reactions over this absurd video:

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