Siddharth’s Big Fight With Asim And Arti. Seems Like The Game Is Changing.

In the last episode of BB13, Asim and Siddharth got into a fight because of Siddharth patching up with Shehnaz.

Asim also tells that Arti has been constantly initiating Shefali to get him to clean the bedroom. He loses his calm and asks her to back off and not to interfere. Later, Arti comes to pacify him. Siddharth also comes and talks to Asim.

Siddharth motivates him and tells him to be grateful and thankful for getting such an opportunity at this age. He tells him not to lose patience and let his ego overpower him. Siddharth adds saying that he also had a big ego, but it doesn’t help. He tells Asim not to become a version of how the other contestants want him to be.

He tells Asim to play his own game portraying his real self.

Asim also keeps his point of view and they later patch-up.

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