Siddharth Shukla Unanimously Chosen As The New Bigg Boss House Captain

The 60th day at the Bigg Boss house started on a pleasant note. It was all fun and jokes until mid-day. Siddhart and Shehnaaz also returned to their funny selves as their laughter and giggles echoed the house. 

Around mid-day, the constants were once again asked to carry on with the BB College task.

A few fights and arguments took place during the task.

It soon came to an end and Siddharth, Asim and Vishal were declared the winners. The new captain of the house was to be decided among these three.

Siddharth Shukla once again proved that he is the strongest contestant this season. Almost all the housemates voted for him to be the next captain of the house.

Another highlight of the day was the removal of Himanshi as the captain of the house. She was scolded by Bigg Boss for not being able to handle her duties effectively. She was also removed from the next captaincy task.

This decision came after Devoleena sneaked in a few packets of chips from the locker placed in the garden area. The housemates were also reprimanded for stealing food.

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