Siddharth Shukla Back In The House Post Recovery. Will This Change The Game?

It was a typical day at the Bigg Boss house where commotion and arguments are a part of the daily routine. A few members ganged up against Aarti and schooled her on how she needs to take her duties seriously.

Then Rashami and Arhaan had a serious discussion about their relationship.

Last weekend, Arhaan was questioned by Kamya Punjabi and Rashmi’s younger brother, who made an appearance at the BB house to give the contestants a reality check. Host Salman Khan also questioned his intentions. Everyone criticized him for speaking about Rashami’s personal life on national TV.

These circumstances resulted in a major argument between the two. As of now, owing to trust issues and other problems, Arhaan and Rashami have decided to take a break.

Later in the day, Shehnaz is called to the confession room where a pleasant surprise awaits her. Siddharth Shukla is seen waiting for her there. Shehnaz is overjoyed seeing her friend and takes Siddharth back in the house. 

While a few members (including Asim) were glad to see him, others did not look so pleased.

The nomination task this time was rather unique. The contestants had to nominate two members of their choice by breaking a (breakaway) glass bottle on their head. The nominations further created a rift between the housemates.

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