Siddharth And Paras In Control: Who Will Be The Next BB Captain?

The task involving letters written by their loved ones had a great impact on the Bigg Boss 13 contestants. Those who were lucky enough to read their letters were swiped away by emotions whereas contestants who saw their letter being destroyed were left heartbroken. 

Finally, Vikas Gupta, Shefali, Asim and Rashami emerged victorious and earned a shot at becoming the next BB house captain.

Day 66 was full of verbal spats and arguments. Madhurima, Arti, Vishal and Shefali argued over household chores. 

Vishal and Madhurima, who seemed to be coming closer and sorting out their differences, shocked everyone by getting into an ugly fight.

Paras and Siddharth were back in action with the captaincy task. The duo was given the task of controlling the 4 contenders or ‘kathputlis.’ Rashami, Vikas, Shefali and Asim had to follow their orders and do whatever Siddharth and Paras asked them.

Paras and Siddharth’s orders led to a fair amount of chaos in the house. Asim and Shefali got into an argument while Rashami dressed-up as a joker and made everyone laugh. She was also asked to apologize to and praise Mahira and Sana.

The twists and turns made this task fun. It will continue for another day and then the house will get its new captain.

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