Shehnaaz Ka Swayamvar Takes An Ugly Turn: Fight Breaks Out Between Asim And Siddharth

It is not unusual for BB House contestants to start their day with a song and end it in fights!

The 54th day in the house started with ‘wedding vibes’, hinting at the upcoming task, Shehnaaz Ki Shaadi.

The morning was anything but peaceful. Frustrated that no one helps her with house chores, Shehnaaz taunted Himanshi who then retaliated, asking her to calm down.

Arguments ensued between Himanshi, Mahira and Shehnaaz. Things took an ugly turn when Rashami and Siddharth got involved. The two played the blame game and raise questions on each other’s intentions and character.

Asim, who was trying to stop Siddharth from being aggressive towards Rashami, also got caught up in all the confusion.

Asim and Siddharth, the former best friends, got into an argument. But it did not stop there…

Later in the day, Big Boss announces a task where Rashami and Bhau were to play parents to spoil brat Shehnaaz. Siddharth and Paras played the part of prospective grooms who had to prove themselves to be good enough for Shehnaaz.

It was all fun and games but not for long. Asim and Siddharth soon got into a fight, which started over serving Shehnaaz fruit.

Soon, the other housemates got involved. While Paras instigated Siddharth against Asim, Himanshi and Aarti blamed Paras for taking advantage of the situation.

However, it seemed that the whole instance was a result of pent up anger inside Siddharth and Asim. 

The question is – will this severe the strongest bond in the BB house or will the two ex-best friends reconcile? What do you think?

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