Shefali Bagga’s Anger May Cause Trouble For The Housemates

Siddharth Shukla is back in the house for good. 

As we know, Arhaan and Rashami have decided to take a break from their relationship and that is just giving way to more speculations. In the last episode of Bigg Boss, Siddharth was seen indulging in some fun as he started teasing Shefali Bagga and tried to link her with Arhaan.

Shehnaz, who is overjoyed to have Siddharth back in the house had a heart to heart chat with him and updated him on what went on in the house while he was gone. She also told him how Arhaan and Rashami’s relationship is not going well.

Soon it was time for the captaincy task and this time the housemates decided to play a fair game. Siddharth was supposed to monitor the task as the sanchalak. It was not long before things took a bitter turn. Vikas blames Siddharth for being biased towards team Asim.

A major fight occurs when Shefali (Bagga) is asked to give up her captaincy. Shehnaz too joins in the commotion. She is annoyed with her team and friends (Paras and Siddharth) because she feels they don’t support her. She’s upset that Paras chose to nominate Mahira for captaincy.

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