Popular Car Brand Jaguar Follows This Bollywood Actor On Instagram

Being followed by a celebrity or a popular brand on Instagram is something that many of us dream of. And while most of us are still waiting for someone popular to notice us, this dream may have come true for actor and social media influencer Kuldeep Singhania. The B-town actor received a notification on the popular social media site that he was now being followed by none other than Jaguar, the world-famous car brand.

Speaking about this, the actor said, “Now I totally believe that law of attraction works, I mean, honestly, Jaguar has been one of my favourite car brands ever, I have had wallpapers of that car everywhere and we even got a chance to shoot for the brand, but to become the only Indian to be followed by the brand itself which has 11 million followers and follows only 270 people worldwide, it surely feels surreal.”

According to mid-day.com, on being asked the story behind this, Kuldeep said, “We were doing a gorilla shoot outside a Jaguar showroom one morning. We wanted to keep it very low key and did not want people to notice that we were shooting, but still, the security guard outside the showroom saw us and didn’t allow us to shoot there. We requested him that we are shooting for the brand, but he didn’t listen. Unfortunately, we had to leave the location, but I still was able to take a few pictures and posted that tagging the brand and showcasing how much I loved Jaguar. The next day I got a notification on my Instagram that the official verified account of Jaguar has started following you, and I was blown away. To be followed by people or brands that you absolutely adore, makes you feel blessed and motivates you to work harder towards your content every day.”

Apparently, he is the only Bollywood actor followed by the brand. Isn’t that amazing!

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