Paras Is Back: Will He Succeed In Pitting Contestants Against Each Other?

The Bigg Boss 13 episode, which aired on Thursday came with some interesting twists. 

The house was still without a captain and the contestants had divided the chores and duties among themselves. However, it was rather hard to get everyone to do their bit without arguments and fights. A verbal spat ensued between Vishal and Shefali Bagga.

Moreover, Bhau is seen trying to convince Shehnaz that Siddharth isn’t well-mannered. Siddharth, who was watching all this from the secret room, got upset with Shehnaz who seemed to be getting influenced by Bhau.

The Katputli task continues and Paras orders Rashami to talk about Vishal’s game-strategy and question his intentions. Paras and Siddharth also made the contenders clean up the kitchen area. 

They asked Rashami to mess up the bathroom while Asim was asked to stop her. Vikas, on the other hand, had to clean up the mess! Laughters echoed in the house as the task turned into a gag.

Soon, it was time to announce the new captain of the house. It was also time for Paras to join the other contestants in the main house. Mahira and Shehnaz were overjoyed to see him. 

Paras greeted a few of the contestants and expressed his disappointment and anger towards others.

Everyone gathered in the living area while Paras spoke to them. He said everyone is fake and expressed his disappointment over the fact that the housemates targeted Mahira and Shehnaz.

He also told Rashami that Arhaan has been speaking about her personal life to Shefali Bagga. Paras said that Arhaan had mentioned her (Rashami) ‘zero bank balance’ and how he helped her get back on her feet.

Paras also argued with Asim and Vishal. He (and Siddharth) chose Vikas Gupta as the new captain of the house.

Will Paras’s entry prove to be a game-changer. We will surely find out in the upcoming episodes!

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