Paras Chhabra’s Girlfriend Akanksha Puri leaks Their WhatsApp Messages; Says She Is Disappointed by His Comments

Bigg Boss contestant Paras Chhabra has been in news owing to the things he has said about his girlfriend Akanksha Puri.

Recently, Akanksha displayed her disappointment about what he said during a recently aired episode of Bigg Boss

She also leaked a few of the private Whatsapp chat messages between her and Paras.

Apparently, in a conversation with Arhaan Khan, Paras told him that he had only got a tattoo of his girlfriend because she forced him to do so. This has lead to a lot of trouble for Akanksha, who is now receiving negative comments on social media.

Not only Akanksha, even Paras’s mother is appalled by her son’s comments.

During an interview with Spotboye, Akanksha explained that the tattoo was a surprise from Paras and she didn’t force him to get inked. She said that she’d had enough and Paras has been disrespectful to her. She also mentioned that when Paras comes out of the house, he needs to apologize to her and clear things up.

During the interview, Puri said “He makes me look so weak and a pile on. I am a completely different person. I am a strong independent woman and staying away, alone from home for years. I don’t know what is in his mind. I can only wait for him to come out and talk. But according to my calculations, I feel he wants to give a different picture of our relationship so that his connections inside look real.”

Here is the leaked WhatsApp conversation between the two, which happened before Paras went inside the BB house.

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